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Application areas

After more than 40 years on the water, Banana®-boat continues to enjoy an excellent reputation around the globe. The ease of transport, the quick set-up, the indestructibility of the materials used and the versatile, wide-ranging possibilities are still matchless.

For example, the family can discover the fun of getting wet and splashing about on hot summer days with its different attractions together with many facets of watersports. The fisherman can enjoy the catch of his life on board the Banana®-boat. The ship owner circumnavigating the world knows that his jolly boat is always ready for use even when under the most adverse conditions. The small, leisure-time skipper can face up to the bigger boats if needs be. The field surveyor can be certain that his valuable, surveying instruments can be transported from starting point to headland and back again, safely. The sportsman is pleased to do some relaxing on his rowing boat on a nearby lake in the evening after a strenuous day at work. The technician can manoeuvre, on occasion, the hardy boat coarsely, when inspecting a tank.

The boats have been approved for use on all inland waters, and also for protected waters near the coast to some extent. The open sea should be left to the other boats.

Oars or paddles can be used on all boats. Depending on the type: a combustion engine or an electric motor can also be used. In addition to this, almost all types of boat can be refitted quickly so that it can become an active sailing boat.

For this reason, every water sports fan can decide for him- or herself where he or she wants to put to launch the Banana®-boat.

We will be pleased to help you with any questions about Banana®-boat.

We would like to mention that upon request we send our boats to their new proprietors all over the world. Please address your enquiries directly to us.