Types of boat

Banana®-kid type 180 - from EUR 890,-

Type 180 has been especially developed for children in mind. With this boat, two children can playfully develop their pleasure for watersports. With sturdy oars, the boat moves rapidly on the water.

Banana®-boy type 220 - from EUR 1.490,-

Here - you will find a short movie about the type 220.

Our lightweight Dinghy. Only 12kg hull weight. With just one bench ready to be used within 2 minutes only. With a special accessories it may be used by two persons. The use of an electric motor is possible.

Banana®-boat type 260 - from EUR 1.950,-

The dinghy of the Banana®-boat family. Ideal for getting to land safely and quickly. Two or even three people can fit comfortably into this boat. The basic version is a rowing boat; it can also be used as a motor and/or sailing boat.

Banana®-boat type 290 - from EUR 1.950,-

The type 290 is recommended when two people and additional equipment need to be transported over a longer distance when driven by engine. This boat can also be rowed or used as a sailing boat.

Banana®-boat type 325 - from EUR 1.950,-

The recreational boat for all water sportspersons, who attach importance to lightness and many different applications. Row or sail or use a petrol engine when and wherever you want. The perfect boat for two, three people or for using alone.

Banana®-boat type 380 - from EUR 2.460,-

Being a big sailing boat, it offers enjoyable space for up to four people plus baggage for a longer trip. Despite its size, the boat can be rowed easily. A must for all those who want to enjoy real two-some comfort.

Banana®-big type 425 - from EUR 3.600,-

Currently the largest boat in the Banana®-boat family. The space miracle for simply more fun on the water! Sufficient space for up to five people. In addition to this, there is petrol engine for a fast ride on the water with up to 10 HP possible.

Banana®-Nu – folding canoe - type 352 - from EUR 1.760,-

The first folding canoe which is almost indestructible. Only 8 cm thick and weighs only 19 kg in transport mode. Ideal for canoeing to explore many inland waters. With the option of an electric drive.

Technical data

Type 180 220 260 290 325 380 425 Nu 352
Folded together
Length 1,80 m 2,20 m 2,60 m 2,90 m 3,25 m 3,80 m 4,25 m 3,52 m
Width 0,43 m 0,58 m 0,58 m 0,58 m 0,58 m 0,65 m 0,67 m 0,44 m
Height 0,10 m 0,08 m 0,10 m 0,10 m 0,10 m 0,12 m 0,12 m 0,08 m
Length 1,70 m 2,00 m 2,40 m 2,70 m 3,05 m 3,60 m 4,00 m 3,42 m
Width 0,80 m 1,10 m 1,15 m 1,25 m 1,25 m 1,55 m 1,56 m 0,90 m
Height 0,33 m 0,43 m 0,43 m 0,43 m 0,43 m 0,52 m 0,54 m 0,32 m
Draught - empty 0,05 m 0,08 m 0,08 m 0,10 m 0,10 m 0,10 m 0,10 m 0,07 m
Draught - maximum load 0,15 m 0,12 m 0,20 m 0,20 m 0,20 m 0,22 m 0,22 m 0,12 m
Hull weight without seat thwarts 10 kg 12 kg 19 kg 21 kg 23 kg 39 kg 44 kg 19 kg
Load-carrying capacity 70 kg 140 kg 220 kg 255 kg 290 kg 390 kg 450 kg 170 kg
Number of persons
(*not binding)
2 Child. 1 Adult
1 Child.*
2 Adults 2 Adults,
1 Child.
3 Adults 4 Adults 5 Adults 2 Adults*
Age rating (*not binding) 3-6 years from 18 years* from 18 years* from 18 years* from 18 years* from 18 years* from 18 years* from 18 years*
Type of drive rudder rudder
Sail surface 3,8 qm 3,8 qm 4,7 qm 5,9 qm
Motorisation none electric motor electric motor or
petrol engine
electric motor or
petrol engine
electric motor or
petrol engine
electric motor or
petrol engine
electric motor or
petrol engine
electric motor
Engine power recommended  0,3 kW upto 1,47 kW upto 1,84 kW upto 1,84 kW upto 2,57 kW upto 2,57 kW 0,3 kW
Engine power maximum with Special accessories  0,5 kW upto 3,67 kW upto 3,67 kW upto 3,67 kW upto 5,52 kW upto 7,35 kW 0,5 kW

Special lengths: Hulls in special sizes are available on request.

* All information is not binding, because technical and equipment changes are expressly reserved. By design small deviations are possible.


Oars for type 180, 260, 290 & 325

The best manual drive for Banana®-boat. The boat can be moved and manoeuvred fast and safely.

Length 140 cm or 190 cm, rudder post separable
Material - shaft: Aluminium
Material - rudder blade: HDPE
Oars for type 380 & 425
Length 240 cm, rudder post separable
Material - shaft: Aluminium
Material - rudder blade: HDPE
Canoeing paddle for folding canoe Banana®-Nu, type 352

Length 150 cm, rudder post one-piece
Material - shaft: Aluminium
Material - rudder blade: HDPE

Oarlock: adjustable
Matched for use with Banana®-boat. Adjustable, therefore the oars can be adapted to each and every body height. Consequently children and adults can utilize the Banana®-boat safely and swiftly.

Material: Stainless steel & HDPE

Oarlocks for all types

Especially developed for Banana®-boat. The oars can be locked to the boat hull without tools by turning them 180 degrees, and for this reason they cannot fall overboard any more.
Material: Stainless steel

Sail accessories consisting of:

Mast, mast step, boom, gaff, halyard, sheet rope, sail, leeboards, steering gear, rudder blade.

The rig of Banana®-boat is very similar to the lateen rig and thus permits tacking upwind. It is easy and simple to handle. Even beginner sailors will have a lot of fun with Banana®-boat.

Materials used: anodized aluminium, stainless steel, wood, nylon

Transom for type 260, 290 & 325

To attach an outboard engine to Banana®-boat. Suitable for electric motors or petrol engines with up to 2.5 HP or 1.75 kW. As the boat is a displacer in its basic shape, larger motors with more than 2.5 HP or 1.75 kW should be used only with stern trim only (for types 260, 290 & 325).

Material: Stainless steel & GF special plastic

Transom for type 380 & 425

To attach an outboard engine to Banana®-boat type 380. Suitable for electric motors or petrol engines with up to 7.5 HP or 5.52 kW. For type 425 up to 10 HP. Always mount stern trim tab for engines with more than 2 HP.

Material: anodized aluminium & GF plastic

Stern trim tab for type 380 & 425

Recommended for the use of an outboard engine with more than 2 HP. After simple attachment the Banana®-boat type 380 or 425 is planing on the water. The prerequisite is that a long-shaft engine is used. A short-shaft engine is unsuitable because when travelling fast the propeller would draw in air and propulsion is made almost impossible.

Material: Marine plywood, anodized aluminium, special plastic

Stern trim:

Some customers expressed their wish to use Banana®-boat for longer distances at distinctly higher speeds. For this reason we have developed the stern trim. In its basic shape the Banana®-boat is a displacer, i.e. the length of the hull waterline determines the maximum (hull) speed. In order to overcome this hull speed, the boat has to be trimmed correspondingly and the water film has to be torn. This task is carried out by the stern trim. Similar to a motor boat with trim tabs and beveled stern.

The prerequisite for the use of the stern trim is the use of a long-shaft engine so that the water can flow, without any disturbance from the hull, thoroughly around the propeller.

Loaded with one person, the Banana®-boat with a 4 HP long-shaft motor can reach a speed of almost 10 kn or 20 km/h. In the process, weather, wind and wave conditions have to be taken into consideration.

Material: Marine plywood, anodised stainless steel, aluminium, special plastic

Underwater Observation Window

The underwater window is very popular with yacht owners in particular those who like to use the Banana®-boat as a jolly boat. It permits viewing of marine life because the window is embedded perfectly into the bottom of the boat. A sound sleep for roaders, after exploring the sea or lake floor, reefs and corals from the observation window, in particular, makes it an essential accessory. The viewing window has a size of either 8 x 12 cm, 12 x 18 cm or 16 x 24 cm. It is completely watertight. Moreover, it is possible to replace the viewing window even after decades of use without damaging the hull.

Material: Stainless steel, transparent glass made out of especially hardened plastic

Drain valve

The drain valve is required in particular if the boat is operated unfolded in davits. The rain or splash water collected can run off quickly and easily.

Material: Stainless steel, rubber

Rubbing strakes in special colours:

For several years we have been offering you the possibility of ordering the rubbing strakes in special colours: white, green or light grey. The boat, thus gets a fresh and very pleasant look.

Material: Special plastic

Carrier bag for the hull with a strap and carrying handles:

For easy and protected transport of the boat. Available for types 260, 290 & 325. For types 180, Nu 352, 380 & 425 only upon request.

Material: High-strength nylon fabric with padded interior

Carrier bag for seat thwarts, buoyancy units, oars and seat plinth with carrier strap and handles and attached pockets:

For easy and protected transport of bench seats of the boat. Available for types 260, 290 & 325. For types 180, Nu 352, 380 & 425 only upon request.

Material: High-strength nylon fabric with padded interior

Bag for leeboards and steering gear with carrier strap:

For easy and protected transport of leeboards and steering gear for the sailing boat. Available for types 260, 290 & 325. For type 380 only upon request.

Material: High-strength nylon fabric with padded interior.

Rig bag for mast, boom, gaff, sail-cloth, sheet rope and halyards:

For easy and protected transport of the sailing rig including sail-cloth. Available for types 260, 290, 325 & 380.

Material: High-strength nylon fabric


The unbeatable advantages of Banana®-boat:

  • A boat with a one person set-up - without tools.
  • The hull consists of a special plastic which has been developed from a series of tests which took place over several years, and which is now used for Banana®-boat only. It is extremely durable and nonetheless flexible. This plastic is produced according to very precise instructions of SieBroTec GmbH from primary raffinate - we never use black plastic. This means that no old or recycled plastic containing black, plastic particles is included. Banana®-boat hulls are always fabricated using freshly manufactured “virgin” plastic, and for this reason only, we offer a carefully considered selection of tested colour combinations as hull colours.
  • On account of the lightness of the hull, transport is easy and safe. No expensive tools are required.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat is neither riveted, screwed, welded or glued. By means of a process refined over decades the hull plates are connected lastingly and in particular, absolutely break-proof by means of special stainless steel staples. For this reason we offer a fifteen-year guarantee on the hull. The advantage of the stapling method is that the hull material not weakened by a weld seam nor by a chain of holes for rivets or even screws. No material is removed, which would be the case if holes were drilled for rivets or screw connections, that in turn could lead to water entering the boat in an uncontrolled manner.
  • On account of the highly resilient hull being made of special plastic, osmosis is not possible. It requires neither patching nor an annual protective coating of the area under water. Potential fouling can be removed manually.
  • Even after decades the boat can be almost completely recycled.
  • Banana®-boat offers more fun on the water because very little time is required for cleaning or care, and next to no time for maintenance. We recommend oiling the wooden thwarts from time to time.

Subject to technical modifications, modifications in shape, colour and equipment. We explicitly hold the right to make any changes we deem necessary but when you do purchase one or our boats, we will immediately inform you, respectively. Our production processes are subject to continuous improvement - for this reason we always deliver the latest version with any potential modifications. Consequently, all data is approximate and has been determined, with the greatest of accuracy and care to be current as of March 2015.

Questions & Answers

Here you find an overview of the most frequently questions on our boats.

How heavy or light is Banana®-boat and/or the boat hull?
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 180 weighs approx. 10 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 220 weighs approx. 15 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 260 weighs approx. 19 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 290 weighs approx. 21 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 325 weighs approx. 23 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 380 weighs approx. 39 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 425 weighs approx. 44 kg.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat type 352 weighs approx. 19 kg.
Why is the hull of Banana®-boat type 380 & 425 noticeably heavier?

The hull plates of type 380 & 425 have a wall thickness of approx. 5.0 mm whereas type 260, 290 & 325 have a wall thickness of approx. 4.0 mm.

What is the maximum power a Banana®-boat permitted to have?

Our recommendation for the respective type without further extensions or special accessories:

  • Type 260 - maximum 2 HP; with stern trim up to 5 HP
  • Type 290 - maximum 2.5 HP; with stern trim up to 5 HP
  • Type 325 - maximum 2.5 HP; with stern trim up to 5 HP
  • Type 380 - maximum 3 HP; with stern trim tab up to 7.5 HP
  • Type 425 - maximum 3 HP; with stern trim tab up to 10 HP

In general we recommend a small outboard motor because it lighter and thus can be carried more easily. A 5 HP four-stroke engine weighs almost 30 kg. Whereas, a 2.3 HP four-stroke engine weighs only 13 kg, and thus can be carried easily from the car to the boat or from the holiday cottage to the lake.

What is the stern trim?

The stern trim turns the Banana®-boat into an entirely new boat. Formerly run as a displacer, it turns into a planer by using stern trim.

It is similar to the trim tabs on the stern of a motorboat. The stern trim prolongs the hull line and turns a displacer into a planer. With the stern trim the Banana®-boat, type 260, 290 & 325 turns into a planer with the corresponding motor and load.

How long does the set up take?

Within 5 minutes anyone can set a Banana®-boat up as a rowing boat. With a bit of practice, some customers need only three minutes to have their rowing boat ready for the lake. The installation of the transom, for motor operation, requires four or five screws. As a sailing boat it is completely ready for sailing within another 15 minutes.

Why doesn’t the boat leak?

The hull material is made out of a special plastic, which has been developed for this boat in particular. This plastic is extremely durable, and cannot be affected by petrol, acetone, acids or seawater. In addition to this, the hull is protected against UV radiation. The watertightness is ensured by a very elaborate production process and the decade long use of a proven, special hull seal. In a test process, the hull material withstood more than 3 million folding processes without tearing.

What load carrying capacity has the Banana®-boat?
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 180 approx: 90 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 260 approx: 220 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 290 approx: 250 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 325 approx: 290 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 380 approx: 390 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 425 approx: 450 kg.
  • The load carrying capacity of Banana®-boat type 352 approx: 170 kg.
How and where can I buy a Banana®-boat?

Buying a boat is as easy as sending an email. After consultation, you will receive your personal offer from us, whereupon, you can place your boat order. Depending on the size of the boat, the delivery time is about 2 to 14 weeks.

Upon request from the customer, we dispatch our boats all over the world. If you want, you can also pick the boat up from our works.

If you have should any other questions which have not been answered here, please get in touch with us directly.

How old is my Banana®-boat?

Below please find six indications for how to determine the age of your boat. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information:

  1. Are the brass eyes / canvas eyes (thimble) in the lower hull plates in the bow? - Yes, made before 2002 / No, made after 2002
  2. Have the oarlock holders been attached to wooden planks on the hull? - Yes, made before 1980 / No, made after 1980
  3. Do the seats have a fine line which underline their shape? - Yes, made before 1975 / No, made after 1975
  4. Which material are the oars made of? - Wooden oars, made before 1980 / aluminium oars with riveted oarlocks, made up to 1995 / aluminium oars with adjustable oarlocks, made after 2004
  5. How long is your boat? - Longer than 325 cm, made after 1990
  6. Which colours do the rubbing strakes have? - Neither blue nor green produced after 2009
What do I have to look out for when buying a second-hand boat?

First of all, please check whether it is an original Banana®-boat. Every boat has a manufacturer´s plate. This is located on the starboard side below the oarlock holder.

Sometimes our customers get in touch with us, if a boat is being "palmed off" as a Banana®-boat which, presumably, had been cobbled together under the most adverse circumstances in the Far East. After a short test run, the buyer noticed quickly why the boat had been offered so cheaply.

Now and then, boats from other manufacturers are praised as a Banana®-boat. Even if these boats are optically similar, the workmanship is not comparable.

We additionally provide every Banana®-boat with a manual for the shipmaster along with the declaration of conformity. This is similar to motor vehicle registration certificate as in passenger cars. It is only with this manual and the corresponding hull number that the boat can be registered and insured. Similar to the vehicle identification number on motorcars.

It is always advantageous if the seller can present an invoice for the boat. Frequently, an old boat - Banana®-boat has been produced since 1972 - is offered as a hardly used, three-year-old boat. The following is meant as an indicator only: in 1976 the new price for Banana®-boat was DM 620.00. Today exorbitant sums are asked sometimes.

If you want to be on the safe side, send us a few pictures of the boat you want to buy, and we can tell you approximately how old the boat may be. As a rule we never provide information on a potential purchase price as we would be unable to survey/examine the boat.

A small tip: most importantly, make sure that the connecting joints are clean and in good order. When this is the case, even an old boat can provide many years of pleasure.

Opinions of the customer

Was gesagt werden muß, soll gesagt werden.

Wir freuen uns, dass auch Sie zu den zufriedenen Banana®-boot Besitzern gehören. Wir möchten Sie bitten uns einfach ein paar Zeilen mit Ihrer Meinung über Ihr Boot zu schicken. Wir werden diese dann umgehend veröffentlichen.

Herr Ralph B. aus St. Gallen vom 26.05.18:

Liebes Bananaboot Team,

Ich habe letztes Jahr an der Interboot in Friedrichshafen ein BB erstanden. Eine geniale Erfindung! Habe nach vielen Jahren das perfekte Beiboot gefunden. Auch die Kinder haben viel Spass! Ich beglückwünsche Ihr Unternehem zum Festhalten an diesem alten aber auch heute nicht übertroffenem Konzept.

Ralph B. (St. Gallen)

Herr Georg F. aus Rosenheim am 5. Mai 2015:

Liebes Bananaboot Team,

auch ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Klasse Boot und das will was heißen. Ich benutze es zum Fischen und dafür ist es hervorragend geeignet. Keine Luft im Schwimmkörper.....Hacken und so.... Ich rudere gerne damit, habe auch einen winzigen Aussenboarder-Motor. Ich weiß schon gar nicht mehr wie lange ich dieses Boot schon benutze. Auch der Service ist prima wenn mal was verloren geht oder so. Kaputt ist da nie was.......

Georg F. (Rosenheim)

Herr Rainer H. aus Kempen am 2. Mai 2015:

Liebes Bananaboot Team,
wir haben unser Bananaboot mit Segelzubehör (und später auch Elektromotor) im Jahr 2008 auf der Boot in Düsseldorf erworben und die ganze Familie ist auch heute noch begeistert von unserem kleinen Segel- und Motorboot. Wir nutzen das Boot überwiegend mit Segel auf unserem Baggersee und es segelt sich wirklich gut. Sollte der Wind mal ausbleiben, macht es auch Spaß den kleinen Elektromotor einzusetzen.

Wir möchten uns bei dieser Gelegenheit für die gute Beratung und den ausgezeichneten Service bedanken.

Viele Grüße aus Kempen, Rainer H.

Herr Beat T. aus Bern am 29. April 2015:

Wir können über unsere Banane nur Positives berichten: bei Nichtgebrauch „steht“ sie unauffällig und ohne zu stören an der Reling. Wenn sie gebraucht werden soll, kann sie auf dem Vordeck (einer Etap 37S) aufgeklappt und danach fertig aufgebaut ins Wasser geworfen werden. Dann beginnt der Spass. Sei es beim Pullen, das sehr bequem geht und gut für die Fitness ist, oder beim Fahren mit einem Torqeedo Elektromotor. Wir sind z. B. in den schwedischen Schären damit in Buchten gekommen, die wir mit dem Segelboot nie erreicht hätten.Ich hoffe, Sie können mit dieser Rückmeldung etwas anfangen.

Mit Seglergrüssen Beat T.

Herr Tom W. aus Bremen am 8. Juli 2014:

Guten Tag, meine Meinung zum Bananaboot. Hmm... ich sag es mal so:

Alle die behaupten das Bananaboot ist Mist haben keine Ahnung bzw. wahrscheinlich nie drin gesessen oder gar motort. Das Bananen Ding lässt sich prima rudern und mit nem 5 PS Motor geht es ab wie ne Rakete. Der Aufbau ist einfach, nix warten und pflegen, einfach Spaß pur. Möchte es nicht mehr missen und das seit 2008.

Grüße von der Weser, Tom

Herr Frank M. aus Hamburg am 2. Juli 2014:

Hallo Leute,

Seit zwei Jahren haben wir das Bananaboot.

Im ersten Jahr mit dem Wohnmobil im Rahmen unserer Hochzeitsreise quer durch Europa und erste lustige Fahrversuche in Kroatien und Griechenland. Im letzten Jahr wieder in Kroatien. Auf beiden Fahrten haben wir vor allem in den ruhigen kroatischen Buchten das Boot zu schätzen gelernt. Auch im vergangenen Jahr haben wir an einem Segelkurs bei uns in Hamburg teilgenommen. Also mit dem Boot und einen 2,5ps starken Motor im Süden und mit den Segeln im Norden. Was will man mehr?

Grüße Frank und Claudia M.

Frau Bettina M. aus Wien schrieb am 1. Juli 2014:

Liebes Bananaboot-Team,

Wir lieben unser Bananaboot seit über 20 Jahren. Es ist leicht, wetterbeständig und bietet viel Platz. Die Faltbarkeit ist der absolute Hit. Der Aufbau funktioniert schnell und problemlos. Zur Not kann einer alleine das Boot zum Wasser tragen.

Herzliche Grüße von den schönen Kärntner Seen!

Familie M.

Herr Rainer G. aus Stuttgart schrieb am 25. Juni 2014:

Liebes Bananaboot Team, wir sagen herzlichen Dank für unser tolles Boot.

Wir hatten viel Spass zu viert und eine tolle Zeit auf dem Wasser.

Ganz so nebenbei haben wir einige sehr sehenswerte Buchten erkunden dürfen.

Schade nur, dass wir schon wieder abreisen müssen, sonst hätten wir weitere Teile der schönen Insel Mallorca entdecken können. Aber die nächsten Ferien kommen bestimmt.

So lange muß unser Boot nun warten. Viele Grüße aus dem Süden, sendet Fam. G.

Nachstehend finden Sie die Webadressen mit interessanten Informationen über das Banana®-boot auf den Webseiten unserer Kunden.
Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir auch auf Ihre Webseite mit tollen Bildern und Berichten zum Banana®-boot hinweisen dürfen.

Bitte schicken Sie uns dazu eine E-Mail.

Bobby Schenk
Die Homepage des Weltumseglers Bobby Schenk: "Das ideale Beiboot?"

Link: www.yacht.de/schenk

Paul Lenz
Ein langjähriger Besitzer eines Banana®-bootes mit Bildern und Reiseberichten

Link : www.lenz-online.de

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