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Types of boat

Banana®-kid type 180 - from EUR 940,-

Type 180 has been especially developed for children in mind. With this boat, two children can playfully develop their pleasure for watersports. With sturdy oars, the boat moves rapidly on the water.

Banana®-boy type 215 - from EUR 1.790,-

Banana®-boy type 220 - from EUR 1.630,-

Here - you will find a short movie about the type 220.

Our lightweight Dinghy. Only 12kg hull weight. With just one bench ready to be used within 2 minutes only. With a special accessories it may be used by two persons. The use of an electric motor is possible.

Banana®-boat type 260 - from EUR 2.090,-

The dinghy of the Banana®-boat family. Ideal for getting to land safely and quickly. Two or even three people can fit comfortably into this boat. The basic version is a rowing boat; it can also be used as a motor and/or sailing boat.

Banana®-boat type 260 UL - from EUR 2.340,-

Banana®-boat type 290 - from EUR 2.090,-

The type 290 is recommended when two people and additional equipment need to be transported over a longer distance when driven by engine. This boat can also be rowed or used as a sailing boat.

Banana®-boat type 325 - from EUR 2.090,-

The recreational boat for all water sportspersons, who attach importance to lightness and many different applications. Row or sail or use a petrol engine when and wherever you want. The perfect boat for two, three people or for using alone.

Banana®-boat type 380 - from EUR 2.860,-

Being a big sailing boat, it offers enjoyable space for up to four people plus baggage for a longer trip. Despite its size, the boat can be rowed easily. A must for all those who want to enjoy real two-some comfort.

Banana®-big type 425 - from EUR 4.620,-

Currently the largest boat in the Banana®-boat family. The space miracle for simply more fun on the water! Sufficient space for up to five people. In addition to this, there is petrol engine for a fast ride on the water with up to 10 HP possible.

Banana®-Nu – folding canoe - type 352 - from EUR 1.810,-

The first folding canoe which is almost indestructible. Only 8 cm thick and weighs only 19 kg in transport mode. Ideal for canoeing to explore many inland waters. With the option of an electric drive.