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The unbeatable advantages of Banana®-boat:

  • A boat with a one person set-up - without tools.
  • The hull consists of a special plastic which has been developed from a series of tests which took place over several years, and which is now used for Banana®-boat only. It is extremely durable and nonetheless flexible. This plastic is produced according to very precise instructions of SieBroTec GmbH from primary raffinate - we never use black plastic. This means that no old or recycled plastic containing black, plastic particles is included. Banana®-boat hulls are always fabricated using freshly manufactured “virgin” plastic, and for this reason only, we offer a carefully considered selection of tested colour combinations as hull colours.
  • On account of the lightness of the hull, transport is easy and safe. No expensive tools are required.
  • The hull of Banana®-boat is neither riveted, screwed, welded or glued. By means of a process refined over decades the hull plates are connected lastingly and in particular, absolutely break-proof by means of special stainless steel staples. For this reason we offer a fifteen-year guarantee on the hull. The advantage of the stapling method is that the hull material not weakened by a weld seam nor by a chain of holes for rivets or even screws. No material is removed, which would be the case if holes were drilled for rivets or screw connections, that in turn could lead to water entering the boat in an uncontrolled manner.
  • On account of the highly resilient hull being made of special plastic, osmosis is not possible. It requires neither patching nor an annual protective coating of the area under water. Potential fouling can be removed manually.
  • Even after decades the boat can be almost completely recycled.
  • Banana®-boat offers more fun on the water because very little time is required for cleaning or care, and next to no time for maintenance. We recommend oiling the wooden thwarts from time to time.

Subject to technical modifications, modifications in shape, colour and equipment. We explicitly hold the right to make any changes we deem necessary but when you do purchase one or our boats, we will immediately inform you, respectively. Our production processes are subject to continuous improvement - for this reason we always deliver the latest version with any potential modifications. Consequently, all data is approximate and has been determined, with the greatest of accuracy and care to be current as of March 2015.