Exhibition season 2018/19 it’s going to start

Now the exhibition season 2018/19 it’s going to start!

On the exhibition ‘Interboot’ in Friedrichshafen we will show our boats from 22nd to 30th September 2018. You will find us in hall A1 – booth 100.

We are looking forward to your visit.

3 new types of the Banana®-boat family

The Banana®-Nu the folding canoe as type 352.
The mini for children of type 180.
The “Space-ship” (think large) for even more fun on the water – type 425.

More information here.

15 years guarantee

Never before! 15 years guarantee! Unparalleled.

As we are convinced of our products, every boat that is delivered ex works comes with a full hull guarantee of 15 years.

Faster engines for Banana®-boat

With immediate effect we offer the stern trim not only for type 325 but also for the following types of the Banana®-boat family: Type 260, type 290.

More information here.


Tell and show us using pictures how you set your Banana®-boat up on the deck of your yacht, and how you lower it into water.

Simply try

Get in touch with us if you want to test the Banana®-boat on water. Additionally, it possible to send the boat by forwarding agent for a test run.

The bag for the boat

Never before has it been so easy and fast to transport the Banana®-boat. Open bag, put the hull in, shoulder the bag, and off you go.

The thwarts as well as the splints and buoyancy units are placed in a special bag. Also a special bag for the the leeboards and steering gear is available. Even the rig can be transported using the rig bag which makes things a lot easier as well.

A sailing boat in four bags for comfortable transport.